For God and Country

For God and Country

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On the 20th of November 1943, the Southern Task Force (TF 53), under the command of Rear Admiral Harry Hill, set a course for the Tarawa Atoll in the Gilbert Islands of the central Pacific.  In his command were over 17,000 men of the 2nd Marine Division.  Their main goal was the tiny island of Betio roughly 2 x 2/12 miles in size.


Facing a force of 5,000 heavily fortified Japanese soldiers, the marines battled for four days under heavy enemy fire, and by the end of the battle the course of events in the Pacific would be changed forever.


FOR GOD AND COUNTRY tells this story from the fictional perspective of Private Peter Jacobs and his comrades as he struggles to find meaning in his life in the treacherous sands of the harrowing island.  A mix of historical narrative and military fiction FOR GOD AND COUNTRY is a work that takes you into the world of the men who fought and died FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.


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