Seven Chiefs

Seven Chiefs

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SEVEN CHIEFS is a fictional work about the battle of Little Bighorn, June 25, 1876.  Featuring the perspective of the Blackfeet Sioux, this work takes a look at the historic battle through the eyes of it's two main characters-Running Water and Soaring Heart.  Using his proven style of mixing historical narrative with military fiction, author David H. C. Carter shows the daily life of the Plains Indian, and the intertribal relations of the Sioux Indians (Lakota) as they prepare for the changing tide of Western expansion on the American plains.


Confronted with the growing threat of white settlement on their beloved and sacred hunting grounds, several factions of Lakota are forced to take a stand to protect their way of life.  It is in this encircling drama that the main characters, Running Water and Soaring Heart, are likewise forced to make an important choice to defend their homes against the tyranny of American expansionism in the legendary setting of the Little Bighorn River valley.


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