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The Struggle

We are all asleep, only at different stages of awakening. I use this observation as a way of opening up the mind to the awareness of what "The Struggle" is. While watching the World Cup, I had an epiphany of the three aspects of life: Survival, Struggling, and Suffering. The African team playing at the time, I believe it was Senegal, sported the Red, Gold and Green. To me, the Red represented suffering; we often associate this color with stopping due to traffic signals; the Gold represented caution, as the yellow light means; and the green represented go. In life we often struggle to understand suffering and try to survive. No one wants to suffer, and survival is only temporary, as we know we all will die. So, by struggling we have the opportunity to pass through life and experience a bit of both worlds without getting caught up in either. Meditate on this, and remember God loves you and so do I.