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Good Neighbor.

Good day fellow journeymen. As I start today's blog I'd like to reflect on the importance of being there for your friends. I'm sure most of you have heard of the Biblical scripture referring to the importance of loving your neighbor. This is true, but we also must remember to love ourselves. As the scripture goes, "love thy neighbor as thyself", implying that we must first learn to love ourselves before we love our neighbor.

This is the central component, or fulcrum, if you will, on which the three commandments of the New Testament rests (I call them "three" because of the hidden implication of loving yourself). We must first learn to love ourselves before we love God or our neighbor. This love of self is automatic for most of us from our first day of birth. Through this love of self we face life's challenges as we grow up, often failing, sometimes succeeding, but ultimately facing our creator. From there we are given the choice to follow him or continue on our unstable path