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Hello fellow net surfers! Ha, had to take it back to the AOL days. Today I want to talk about diplomacy. As we look at President Trump and his actions abroad, dealing with Russia, North Korea, Canada, Mexico etc., we are given a sense of what it means to be tactful in interpersonal relations. Not saying that Trump is the best diplomat in the world, but rather by watching him we can better note to ourselves what to and not to do when dealing with others.

First we must take a good look at ourselves and find out what we are needful of in our lives. We must ask ourselves do we need love? Do we need "more life", as referenced in a recent Drake song, or simply do we need more wealth, health, and knowledge of self, as referenced by hip-hop artist KRS-ONE. Whatever it is, we must be able to be open enough with ourselves to accept our shortcomings and receive our rewards, and remember, as always, God loves you and so do I.