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A Huge Misunderstanding.

This morning I was thinking about the awesome power of God and how we should allow him to be our defense. In the wake of the recent "suspicious mailings" to prominent members of the Democratic Party and others I am reminded of 9-11, Pearl Harbor and other infamous attacks on people and property in recent history; the goal of which, is to usually 'wake people up' to some sort of injustice occurring around the globe.

Recognizing this human phenomenon of behavior, I am called to also recognize that there are times when God is needed to be our offense as well. If, as scripture says, "the battle is the Lord's", then there must be an offensive and defensive side as well to his strategy. This being said, we must not cower when we see God's hand at work in the world today, but know that truly it is his battle and indeed war, and that all will be well when it is done. Remember God loves you and so do I.

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