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Do Demons Have Wings?

Hello people! As we approach this MLK weekend let's look back at the progress we have made as Americans in search of a "more perfect union". This country was founded on the principle that we all should, at one point, be one, 'though individualistic in our approach to that end. In a discussion at a bar I had a while back I remember, 'though definitely 'getting my drink on', pointing out the fact that the symbol on a lot of flags touting freedom was a serpent with the words "don't tread on me" written underneath it. I find that interesting because we often associate Satan with the snake and here it is espousing liberty.

We often don't put the devil and liberty together, but Satan is the "ultimate freedom fighter" (quotes mine) in the known universe. I say this because he saw servitude to God as unacceptable and chose to go a different route, essentially exercising his freedom. In the early 80's the pop group Wham had a song called "I Don't Want Your Freedom" which featured George Michael singing about a relationship in which he did not want to be free of the boundaries that come with a loving relationship but wanted to remain with his significant other instead.

This is sort of like the relationship we share with God. We enjoy his company and instead of choosing all of the various options that are out there for us all at one time we allow ourselves to be "captive" in his love, enjoying a little at a time.