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Hard to Be Humble

Hello my beloved friends out there. As a Virginian let me say that I am truly saddened by the recent events unfolding in the halls of our capitol. As I learned of the photos of Governor Northam and subsequent admission by Attorney General Herring I immediately thought of the movie "Spartacus" and the famous scene where everyone who followed Spartacus cloaked his identity by claiming they all were him.

Justin Fairfax, I believe, may be being "railroaded" in an attempt to block him from being the second black elected Governor in the country's history. However, the public shaming of all three just plays into the hands of the current Governor and possible opposition to the Democrats.

All this being said it is extremely hard as an African-American man to be humble in this environment. Not that I'm complaining however; we are supposed to, as I believe, maintain a balance between being humble and aware. But recognizing the injustice that is going on right in front of my face and my inability to do something effective to correct it.