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Don't Beat Yourself Up

Hello friends. Once again I come to you with information gained by experience over matters of the heart. Speaking of which, I hope all of you had a happy Valentines Day. I guess you all may have heard by now of President Trump's plans to declare a national emergency to build his wall. Not to depress anybody but I saw Dr. Drew Pinsky, of MTV fame, on a talk show the other day "pondering" what was wrong with the people of Virginia for allowing what has been occurring in State leadership. I thought to myself at the time, "Why is he trying to rile everyone up being a known mental health professional". However, after further deduction I came to the conclusion that he, like many other Americans, are simply fed up with the system of American government that we know today.

That being said, the only alternative I have learned to hope for is a monarchy under the leadership of Christ with God as the guide. This may sound ultra religious to some or even a bit "cultish" but the fact remains that after years and years of man trying to get it right he has ultimately failed.