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Winding Road

Hello readers. I hope all is well with you. Late last year I was able to catch several episodes of PBS's "The Great American Read". Catcher In The Rye, by J. D. Salinger, won as best American novel, while many other classics ranked in the top 100. During one episode readers and authors explained what makes a good 'bad guy' in describing the characteristics of the quintessential 'boogey man'. One of the main points of these descriptions was that he/she must believe that their cause is just.

While watching Deepak Chopra converse with the Dali Lama the other day on Youtube a lady asked of him, the Dali Lama, a question regarding what to do when we are personally hurt; to which he never really got around to adequately addressing in my opinion. Another lady asked of him if being taught hate as a child makes him/her evil; to which he never fully addressed in my opinion as well.

Not to put myself above such religious/spiritual leaders, but merely pointing out that a lot of what is considered "petty" in today's world is at the source of our collective hurts. Knowing we are supposed to forgive does not necessarily provide a "prescription", if you will, for the methodology of doing so. A while ago I quoted myself: "Most scripture is like a prescription drug label without the side effects warning." and also: "You can't let side effects stop you from taking your "'medication."' Just a signal that in the road of life we should take a lot of things with a 'grain of salt' while remembering at the same time to take some of them. Don't forget to check out some of my novels on my website and other online retailers and remember God loves you and so do I.