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I'll Bet She's Comfortable

Hello all. Today I'll be focusing on the current state of worldly affairs; a giant topic I know but one that needs to put in context. As a Mason I was given two books (Codeword Barbelon parts 1 and 2 by P.D. Stuart). These works focused on the anti-Christ being a woman (the Catholic church) referencing several passages in Revelations which refer to Babylon as the "Great Whore".

I know that's a lot of information but at this day and age certainly something to look into. Although I don't agree with everything these books had to say I do agree with their premise that the church has been corrupted and is at the seat of power in world affairs.

To put things into perspective one need only to look at the opulence of the church and the degradation of the masses and see the disparity that exists knowing that a God of love wouldn't be pleased at such a condition. Now Christ says in Revelations that Babylon is the "Great Whore" and we must "get from under her". Society, as we know it today, is currently being restructured to fit the "information age". However, with all of it's traditions, it is staunch in it's resistance to such change. Just like in Biblical times when the Israelites were bogged down by religious traditions and Jesus taught them a new way of doing things we are being shown a new way of operating in the world. One that is sure to bring more opportunity and advantages to those who believe. R

emember God loves you and so do I.