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Don't Ever Wonder

Good Friday followers, and I mean that literally lol. Today I want to talk about following God in a manner that requires your complete trust. I know this is a hard thing to do and at times seems very difficult but if done right then the rewards far exceed the energy expended to do so.

First, I'll focus on the topic of sin. According to Napoleon Hill, author of Outwitting the Devil, sin is the absence of happiness. Or more clearly, any action or inaction that leads to that state of being. When I first heard this I was quite astounded but it soon made sense. As a young man all of my experiences boiled down, pretty much, to consequences that came as a result of my failure to be happy. Looking at American society and what drives it we have to take into context the famous words in the Declaration of Independence which state that the "pursuit of happiness" is an inalienable right, which means it can't be given or taken away and, as I told a friend in a conversation not too long ago, "When in America do as the Americans".

Thus being said, God clearly is telling us through scripture, religious and spiritual interpretation and political philosophy that the way to live is to be, simply, happy. Remember God loves you and so do I.