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Good morning friends. Today's blog will be focusing on the dichotomies that exist in everyday life. In thinking up the material for this exposition four words came into mind: animals and computers and oppressors and facilitators; inside of each dichotomy there exists a juxtaposition. Animals and computers both are looked at as being "automatic" in a sense that they both operate on a sort of innate "program" if you will. For animals this programming is instinct and for computers this would be hardware. As for oppressors and facilitators it is a little different. Oppressors act as social agents of change in a subjective way while facilitators do the same in a more objective way.

Let me clarify; animals' instinct is commonly looked upon as given by God. Computer hardware is, of course, man made; while an oppressor's actions are looked at as being a human function and a facilitator's more Godly. I bring up these things because existing in between these dichotomies puts us in a very precarious position at times. Often, we are called to perform at a very high level when dealing with both dichotomies in the modern world.

Computers help us function in the virtual world while animals do the same in the real one. As for oppressors and facilitators the purpose is much different in that people play the roles and their consequential actions can be far more critical. An oppressor negatively affects his/her environment by stifling the creative energy that flows freely in it while a facilitator has a positive effect on the environment by allowing said energy to flow; however, in doing so, this allowance can lead to unchecked negativity and vice versa some oppression can be seen as a positive thing as it can lead to change for the better.