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Arrogant Bastard

I could go a million places with this title folks, but I'll stop at the "Commander-In-Chief". After viewing a video on twitter where the President of the United States called Mexican immigrants "Animals" I became a severe outspoken critic of the current regime. Seventy years after Pearl Harbor and the subsequent entry of the U.S. into World War II, we have a leader who has termed a group of people sub-human like the Nazis of the mid 20th century. What a tribute to the sacrifice of U.S. combatants who fought in that great conflict with Memorial Day fast approaching?

Back to the title; it has been named after a popular micro-brew. Also, the term "the devil's backbone", another rather popular micro-brew, comes to mind. Something one must have today when faced with the constant barrage of temptations thrown at you during the course of one day. This has been spoken about in scripture, Revelations to be exact, where man is warned about these times and times like them and advised to count all temptations as joy and to "endure and overcome" them.

For more help in doing just that, visit the products page on this website ( There you'll find enlightening works of fiction that help put into perspective the turmoil of today's climate. Also take a look, if you haven't done so already, at my previous blogs. They're sure to keep you "up-to-date" on a lot of current topics and provide a bit of clarity to an already hectic world. Remember God loves you and so do I.