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Hey peeps! I hope everyone has made it through this week healthy, focused and aware. When coming up with today's title I was brought back to the voice of my departed father in my mind. When making sure to turn back the clocks on daylight savings time he would always use the term "counterclockwise".

I think this is an interesting word because it suggests to me the possibility of time travel and turning back the "hands of time". I know this may sound a bit "kooky", but there is the possibility of doing things over; a second chance, if you will. Some call it redemption or sankofa, to use an African term, which means to "go back and get it".

As we start Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial genesis of summer, let's look at recreating or "rebirthing" (quotes mine) things that are of value in our lives and enjoying them to the fullest. As always, remember God loves you and so do I.