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Summer Begins!

Hey folks, just wanted to update you on the happenings here at David H. C. Carter Publishing LLC. As "the lazy days of summer" start we begin to think about vacationing, getting out and enjoying nature and relaxation. I noted a couple of weeks back the difference between being "crazy" and lazy. Both seem weird or out of place to some and are often confused with one another.

Craziness is just recognizing a certain type of energy one may have and "rolling" with that energy. All the while accomplishing set tasks and goals before him/her. I speak from experience, lol. But laziness is something totally different where one is experiencing an extreme sort of laid-back-ness. Just something to recognize as we experience the summer of 2019.

Hey, remember to check out our products' page for fantastic reads for the season. Not only will you be able to knock a few things off your "summer bucket list" but you will also be able to entertain and enlighten yourself along the way. Peace, and remember, God loves you and so do I.