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The Principle and The Experience

Good day friends. On coming up with the content for today's blog, the words principle and experience came to mind. You might ask yourself, "What is the relationship between these two words?"; I'll tell you.

When thinking about life in general, it is common knowledge that we all will die; also, in dealing with the day-to-day reality of the challenges life has to offer we know we could perish in anyone of those situations as well. Looking at these facts, I thought of a soldier, or soldiers, fighting in an perilous war. He, she or they know that they could die in choosing to fight but also, he,

she or they know that they could live and die later on in life. Thinking about this one might easily say, "Why fight at all if you're going to die at some point in time in your life anyway?" The answer to this is for the experience and the principle behind the cause.

One may simply want to experience what warfare is like, or they may be motivated by the violation of a principle that agitated or bothered them enough to fight for its restitution; so much so that they couldn't bear living without doing, or attempting to do, so. Usually when both are placed together, one can go through the conflict with more ease.

Having not been a veteran of any armed conflict in my life, you may ask yourself, "What does he know about the topic?", but having experienced enough conflict (inner and outer) in my life, I do know something of what it is like; also, understanding that business itself is "peaceful" warfare, I, and anyone else engaged in economics, feels this as well.

A few months back, I thought of the phrase, "the humanity of God". As we experience and witness the everyday tumults of life, let us remember God knows we are human and understands our strengths as well as weaknesses, and 'though it may seem as if all hope for love, peace and harmony is lost sometimes, there is always a chance for redemption through persistence. Remember God loves you and so do I.