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"You Presume too Much"

Good day all. I hope everything is well with everyone. If not, remember that prayer and meditation are a good way to ease the soul and clear your mind. A lot has been made about the upcoming election as should be. After watching clips of the debates and media coverage of the President's activities, I got to thinking Trump is hated more than the Devil at times. And this may be true. He surely is blamed for a lot of the misery we encounter here in the U.S. as well as abroad.

However, we should remember that hating either is no way to effectively combat both. While it is natural to feel animosity towards those who hurt us, we have been taught throughout history that returning the same emotion does not work. Although it is good to "fight fire with fire" at times, the cumulative effect of using water dosed with a bit of flames seems to 'do the trick'. Simply put, while you should aim to return hate with love, you should also remember to allow yourself the freedom of making the mistake of returning hate. It is in this mode of thought that the key to victory truly lies. Remember, God loves you and so do I.