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Eyes on The Prize

Whenever I see or hear today's title, I immediately think of the award winning documentary about the Civil Rights Movement that ran on PBS in the 80s. As the song goes, "I know the one thing we did right was the day we started to fight. Keep your eyes on the prize. Hold on...hold on." As we prepare for more Democratic debates and a host of other activities and happenings circulating around the upcoming election, we should be mindful of the sacrifices made to get us this far.

Even though things seem to be completely "out of whack", we still have our lives, a fairly just governing structure, and a way set out before us by our ancestors, founding fathers, and religious forbearers. Before we throw them all "under the bus", let's remember what they fought and died for; the freedom for us to live and grow together in peace and harmony.

Remember, God loves you and so do I.