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The Impossible Dream

Hello boys and girls lol.

Today's blog focuses on trying to do what cannot be done; being like Don Quixote and dreaming the impossible dream. Some of you may know by now that my brothers and I have been working on a feature film adapted from my fifth novel, Paint It Black; a story of the African American experience in Vietnam during the year 1968. The script, co-written by Mark Gornto out of Philadelphia Pa., has been copyrighted and registered with the Screen Writer's Guild.

I mention this because when I was in Philly a while back visiting my older brother I said to him and his wife that to beat the odds and come out of any business venture successful takes a miracle. I said this after reading a worksheet given to me by a leader of a church group I used to belong to that asked where in the new testament did it say that all business ventures were subject to fail. After doing some research on the topic I found that as followers of Christ we are to work and conduct business with one foot in the world and the other in the kingdom; adhering to some of the norms of society while being aware that God's kingdom is constantly manifesting itself on earth.

As we attempt to perform this duty we know that we will encounter setbacks and failures. We also know the extreme difficulty that lies in starting a business or trying to succeed in a country and world dominated by giant capitalist enterprises. However, if we keep our faith in God and believe in the establishment of his kingdom here on earth then we have the courage and fortitude we need to compete in the modern global marketplace and succeed. We have our miracle! Don't forget to check out our products page and pick up a copy or copies of reading materials that are sure to entertain and enlighten you. Remember, God loves you and so do I.