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Keeping it Possible

Hello people. I'm back with another message to keep you focused and enthused about the path to higher understanding. If you ever had doubts, and I'm sure a lot of you have, about your present station in life, remember Jesus said, "be thou not of a doubting mind."

I once heard a believer say that faith doesn't guarantee things will happen; it makes them possible. Today we hear a lot of people saying they're "keeping it real". Hip-hop group De La Soul even says in a song, "You tried keeping it real, but you should try keeping it right." Some people even say they're "keeping it 100". I myself have even played around with "I'm keeping it true".

The fact of the matter is if we want to achieve things in life and make some sort of positive contribution to the world we have to have the opportunity to do so and the will to make it happen. We have to have faith. Remember, God loves you and so do I.