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Ben Strong

I started daydreaming in elementary school, perfected it in middle school, transcended it in high school, killed it in college, and rebirthed it in a mental institution. It was the one thing that truly kept me sane in a world that was going mad around me. Today, I meditate as a form of coping with life's troubles.

Recently, I started a "side gig" with Ubereats as a way to offset some of the expenses I incurred with running a business; many of you may have two or three jobs in today's economy as a means to "get by". Before starting a friend of mine and I talked about "real jobs" in general and how in our life experience we encountered a sort of "brain drain" when dealing with our employers; once on the job you would focus in on the task or tasks you were delegated and while you had your active mind set on it or them your subconscious mind would be fed upon by those in power over you.

Some deep stuff, if you ask me; and I know you may have not lol, but the root of all of this is society's need, or seeming need to have you conform, in every way, to it's nature. By gaining more information about you and who you are those who institute societal norms can gain access to better ways to manipulate you. After the passing of Benjamin Lambert IV, friend and member of the community I grew up in from prostate cancer, I was forced to look at my circumstances and evaluate my performance in life thus far. I came to the conclusion that in order to "make it" one had to fight, even if the consequence in death. Whether you choose that fight to be violent or non-violent, of course, is up to you, but the ramifications of either justify the choice of both, and the truth is, as Mel Gibson's character, William Wallace, in "Braveheart" says, "Every man dies, but not every man truly lives." Remember, God loves you and so do I.