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Church Hill Street Blues

Hey folks. Those of you from Richmond, Virginia may recognize today's title somewhat. For those of you who are not Church Hill is a historical section of the city where historical sites such as St. John's Episcopal Church, where Patrick Henry gave his famous, "Give me liberty or give me death!" speech is located, Richmond National Battlefield Park, where the Confederate hospital, Chimborazo, stands and a number of other historic churches and residences are located.

I chose this title to salute the police officers, fallen, retired and active who have given their service to protect our liberties. I know the headlines have shown the evils that have been inflicted upon the poor and minorities by those who are sworn to protect and serve but here in the capital city the number of spoken of incidences is dramatically low as compared with the rest of the nation. That having been said, my departed father was a prosecutor who served in the 80s and early 90s and was always considered to be "on the side" of law enforcement. I mention this because I do believe that when law enforcement officers are doing a good job they need to be commended.

In the case of the other horrific incidences that have occurred in the recent past across the nation, I offer Richmond as an example. In order to insure "domestic tranquility" I do believe there must be some sort of mediator in human affairs. If that is to be a police force I am ok with that. However, above all of this is the fact that no one should be above the law, the Chief Executive included. Until next time remember God loves you and so do I.