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Check Your Bags!

Hello people. I hope your Friday has started off well and your Halloween was a good one. Like the title suggests, it's probably a good thing to check your children's bags for anything suspicious in them; like my parents had me and my brothers do when we were much younger.

While making a delivery on my side job today, I came upon a man sitting down next to the car wash of a gas station I was headed to to use the restroom. I had hurriedly parked my car behind him and gotten out to go inside. As I parked, he turned his head to see who was coming in his direction. I started to explain to him I was going inside to use the restroom and meant him no harm, but quickly discarded this thought and went on about my business. When I returned, I told him I didn't mean to startle him, but just had to "take a piss." He laughed and explained to me that now-a-days you had to take a look behind you every-now-and-then. I laughed also and told him I tell my mother that all of the time.

I left him with this parting note; that paranoia wasn't a completely bad thing. I looked up the definition once and found two antonyms (opposites) related to it: unquestioning and naïve. Especially, in today's times I wouldn't want to be either. Remember, God loves you and so do I.