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God Speed!

Well folks, the democrats flipped my home state of Virginia blue, impeachment inquiries are being made in the halls of federal government and the Kentucky gubernatorial race is "up in the air".  Looks like the Civil War part II (or III) is in full swing and the landscape of American politics for the next 100 years is "up for grabs".  

Whatever claim to legitimacy the alt right had is certainly fading in light of the current political climate.  As with Hitler's brand of fascism in Nazi Germany, the American brand is quickly being rebuked by the left everytime it rears its ugly head.  However, this is not the end.  Racist institutions such as the Electoral College and legalized slavery of felonious prison inmates remain a stain on the collective conscience of American society.  

I often feel the day-to-day pressures, as do most of you, to fit in or conform to society's norms: eat this way, walk like this, act in this manner, act in that manner, etc., and if these can be enforced by our peers then why can't some of the larger demons be exorcised from our being.   

I remember hearing that Hitler persecuted the mentally ill and Jehovah's Witnesses as well as the Jews; maybe because these three groups were viewed as being "closer to God" by society-at-large.  The other day I thought, after watching a political ad by a Republican candidate, that trying to treat the mentally ill was like giving the canary in the coal mine a gas mask.  In other words, if certain sects of society serve as a check on the moral direction of the whole then it is best to let them perform that task for the benefit of all.  Until next time, remember God loves you and so do I.