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"Out Tha' Box"

Hey peeps, you know that phrase that you always hear to describe something crazy or totally unfamiliar? A good friend of mine, who shall remain unnamed, popularized it for me and my crew. But sometimes you've got to step out of your familiar surroundings to experience the good that God has in store for you.

We often call it getting out of your comfort zone. Not too long ago, I told my Masonic brother that "you've got to get comfortable with being uncomfortable"; generally speaking, of course. Now I've been hearing that reiterated on T.V.

Also, not too far back, I jotted down the phrase "The Conscription of God" on my iPhone. All too often I used to hear the church, popular culture, and more recently myself opine about the assimilation and "watering down" of God's message to the world. Phrases such as conformity and normalcy enter into our vocabulary and cause us to cringe at our possible hypocrisy. I also thought of Jesus' declaration in the New Testament that "ye are all Gods." I sort of updated that jokingly to "you are all crazy." But in today's world it's good to know that what we're witnessing isn't completely new. Until next time, remember God loves you and so do I.