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"It Don't Take a Whole Day to Recognize Sunshine."

Hello all. Today's title is taken from the rap song "The Light" by Common. I chose it because of its authenticity. The words ring true like "everything is everything".

I was thinking today that maybe someone doesn't have to be sad for another to be happy. Maybe it just needs to be remembered what sadness is. When saying this I think of the Confederate monuments that line Monument Avenue here in Richmond, Virginia, former capital of the Confederacy; some think they need to be taken down, others think that they 'ought to stay as a reminder. I tend to side with the latter because I'm a history "buff" and because I believe that the monuments remind us of a time when it wasn't 'so great' and the need to keep improving.

As the impeachment of the President continues, and the futility of it remains paramount, I think of the song "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack; in it she sings, "Never settle for the path of least resistance." I think this is keen because often in life we seek the easier or easiest path but the song clearly conveys that while those paths are often gratifying it is best to first seek out the most difficult ones and not settle.

Until next time, remember God loves you and so do I.