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By Every Means Necessary

Good day people. In struggling with coming up with today's title, I harkened back to familiar sayings by Malcolm X and KRS ONE. X made "By any means necessary" famous as did Hip-hop artist KRS on his sophomore album cover "By All Means Necessary". Today I speak upon the need to utilize "every"

asset available in the arsenal of those who seek a higher love to achieve global peace or unity.

I wrote previously about how the Bhagavad Gita presented life as a war and the Bible taught about how it should be looked at as a race; I think that it is interesting that neither text speaks upon it as a game. I combined the two and came up with "race war" at first, but obviously this would be asinine. To me "war race" sounds better and tends to 'pinpoint' the direction we as humanity tend to be headed.

In the New Testament, Jesus, or Yahshua his original Hebrew name meaning God is our salvation, pointed out how the "little children" were like the Kingdom of Heaven; meaning our behavior should be child like not childish. I jotted down on my phone a couple of weeks ago the phrase "the illusion of adulthood"; clarifying for me this bit of scripture in that as we become adults we still have more growing to do and learning from the older and younger generations. Sometimes I like saying "I'm a growing ass man" lol.

Until next time, remember God loves you and so do I.