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3rd Precinct on Fire

Hello friends. As we round out another month of life during the corona pandemic, I want to take time to reflect on the events surrounding the death of George Floyd, the second African-American to die controversially and garner national attention since the outbreak of COVID-19. As I watched the "rioting" that took place following his death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers, I thought to myself here we go again; another violent outbreak of frustration and anger by the black community as a result of white oppression.

Being a student of history, I thought back on what I learned happened from previous riots and thought more to myself, probably as many of you did if you watched, they're going to destroy their/our own community. However, I was quite taken aback and not ashamed to say relieved when I saw the "rioters" set the 3rd police precinct on fire. My only complaint was that they set fire to the wine and spirit store as well.

I saw a tweet from Colin Kaepernick justifying the actions of the people in Minneapolis and gave it a "like". In the midst of this life threatening pandemic ludicrous behavior by law enforcement officers, such as those in Minnesota, cannot be tolerated! Recently, I saw a quote on the internet regarding the virus that said when you get to heaven you will ask God why did you allow all of this to happen, and he will answer you why did you. It seemed appropraite to me.

Until next time

remember God loves you and so do I.