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"My Name is Bennett"

Hello friends. For today's blog I'd like to readdress the upcoming presidential election and all of the drama leading up to it. I was talking to a former handyman of mine a few weeks back about the dynamics of American politics today and why I was choosing to take a backstance. Also, a while ago, I talked with my best friend about Colin Kaepernick's stance during his last years in the NFL.

I noted to my friend that when Kaepernick chose not to kneel during the National Anthem he was not "on the side of" the NFL as a business or the San Franscisco 49ers as a franchise but the black men and women in the streets who were dying as a result of police brutality. Something I compared to my decision not to participate in the upcoming presidential election when talking to my former housekeeper.

I was choosing to stand not either for the republicans or the democrats but for those men and women black and white across the nation who were disenfranchised by the current American economic system and felt powerless to do anything about it. I also spoke with many of my close friends and family about how neither Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X or Colin Kaepernick stood for any politcal party but rather chose a different path towards expressing their political ideologies.

In the end, the greatest difference makers throughout history chose this road. Until next time, remember God loves you and so do I.