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Moving on Up!

Hello friends, geeks, countrymen lol. As we approach the latter days of summer 2020 let us reflect on the advances we've made as people to get to this point. 1.) A slow advance towards "normalcy". 2.) The first black woman to be nominated as Vice President on a major party ticket.

Both acheivements can be commended as far as their historical significance. However, as I won't be participating in the executive election, due to the injust voting process, legalized prison slavery and absence of reparations, I will not delve to deep into the "virtues" of either. Furthermore, speaking of history we must not quickly forget the revolutionary events that have occurred to get us this far. If either party fails to give heed to these occurrances then their whole plight is surely doomed.

On a more personal note, I'd like to formally announce the hiring of Mr. John Pierce Jr. as Vice President of David H. C. Carter Publishing LLC. Pierce is a experienced career salesman and longtime friend. Also congratulations are in order for Brandon Jackson of Richmond, VA., who opened up a family restaurant, Cheddar Jacksons, in historic Jackson Ward, and is also a longtime friend, and Ann Lambert, who is running for city council in the 3rd. District of Richmond Virginia.