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Quarantine Dreams

Hello friends. As we start the fall, let's take a look back at some of the revelations made over the summer. First off, after watching the NBA last night, the analysts on TNT gave their opinions over the facts surrounding the Breyonna Taylor case. The overall conclusion seemed to be that we needed take a look at the "No Knock Warrant". After hearing all of the facts myself, I came to the conclusion that justice WAS served by the 12 million dollar lawsuit that was won by the family. However, in light of the details of the case, I believe the "No Knock Warrant", and other such pernicious legalities which are most likely the result of the Partiot Act, should be gotten rid of.

Another revelation that came to me was that we don't actually have a capitalist or fascist economic system, rather it is more of a "Neo Mercantilist" one; a term I've coined. Prison slavery still exists; a "improved" version of colonial slavery that now includes whites and blacks; 'though I am not taking sides in the upcoming presidential election due to issues of conscience, Mr. West is, as I understand, against this institution.

Also, after reflecting on some issues of the past season, I remembered something a former churchgoer of mine said when I used to attend some of their weekly meetings: "I think temptation should be against the law"; it made me laugh when I shared this with a friend but the wit and echoes of cynicism in it hinted on a lot of what we are experiencing now.

Until next time remember, God loves you and so do I.