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"White Liberalism"

Back again "party people". While traveling through the soular system. I gained some more insight into what has come to be known as white liberalism. It had always gotten a bad rap in High School when I was first introduced to African consciousness. I didn't understand it too well then but got the gist of what its opponents were saying enough to make a better conclusion about it now.

First I want to go back to one of my stances against voting for the executive office in the upcoming election. As I first announced it on Twitter, my first point was the tyranny of the electoral college. To demonstrate, I use this analogy: voting in the electoral college is like playing a game of basketball where the opposing team gets 2 points per bucket while yours' gets 1. In that scenario you are forced to play twice as hard to tie; thrice to win. While not impossible, agreeing to play that game is extremely hard to win. It is my belief that it is better to not accept that challenge, which you have the right to do, and find a better way to overcome it; similar to not agreeing to give up your seat to a white man on a 50s city bus in the south, rather than accept the status quo and move to the back.

Now that that has been addressed, I'd like to return to the original topic which to me is crucial to what is going on today in politics in general. The idea that two opposing sides both achieve the same agenda is key to understanding the relationship of the two parties; one not need to be religious to understand that the devil and God work together to draw non-believers to Christianity. It is this dynamic that helps make it attractive to those who would otherwise be disinterested; the same way two opposing teams in the NBA draw fans who would otherwise be watching hockey. Knowing this, white liberals and conservatives ultimately have the same agenda and their unwillingness after 200 years to change their racist and unfair system of voting just serves to highlight this.

Until next time, remember God loves you and so do I.