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Mickey Mouse

Hi once again all you political folks. It's almost election time as you know. Whether you're voting at your polling place or in a 'safe spot' that has been set aside for you, it's important to remember not to be intimidated in any way about your vote. A while back, I wrote down the phrase "scared of being scared" to remind myself of the level of intensity I needed to be at in order to make sure I did my duty.

I'm reminded of a time when I was a teenager in High School and some teachers told us about people who chose to write in names rather than support the candidates who were running.

In other news I'm proud to announce that the website for the movie project based off my fifth book, Paint It Black, is up and running ( Check it out and give us some feedback. To give you a little more background on the project it is about the Black experience in Vietnam during the year 1968. A while back, I talked with a Uber driver while promoting the film and mentioned that Black heritage restarted in the Vietnam war. I told him about an experience I had as a Middle Schooler where I was allowed to go to a local High School and sit in on a presentation given by a World War II veteran. He told us about how the students there (mostly White) had heritage because of their ancestors and possible relatives who stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. I enjoyed the experience because I was, and still am, a military history buff, but now that I am older I see the sacrifices made by People of Color in military history and it makes me proud.

Until next time remember God loves you and so do I.