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Change for Change’s Sake

Hello friends. Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all are healthy and safe as possible.

I’d like to talk about the recent elections and the events surrounding the storming of the Capitol. While on Twitter this morning I saw a tweet that said what happened the other day was an attempted coup. While it seemed crazy to most of us at first I’d like to say that when the deaths of the four people occurred it definitely had gone too far.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I won’t be voting in the presidential elections until 1.) The Electoral College is abolished 2.) Involuntary Prison Servitude is abolished 3.) Reparations are made to African-Americans for slavery.

While I grew up a democrat and learned later the minute difference between the two parties I didn’t fully understand their sameness untiI the Trump Presidency and the debates leading up to it.

I wrote in my notes a while back that God prefers a real war to a false peace. Like the title suggests change for the sake of change is not completely real change and we must continue to stay vigilant in the face of government to insure our rights are secure.

Until next time remember God loves you and so do I.