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Floyd Has Risen!

Hello all. On this Good Friday I would like to take the time to talk about the George Floyd case and how it has affected me and society as a whole. "Quarantined" in my house, I took the time to watch several hours of the trial and see for myself some of the details that led to the death of Mr. Floyd and the subsequent charging of Officer Derek Chauvin. Having little to do after a couple of hard days of work, I thought I could catch up on the happenings and witness the intracacies of the courtroom drama.

Having watched some of the O.J. Simpson, Menendez brothers, and Rodney King trials unfold while in college, I thought this would be similar in noteriety and was interested in seeing that justice be given the now deceased man. The witnesses I saw gave compelling testimonies and each reminded me a bit of myself. From the 911 operator, to the young store clerk, to the "old" African-American man I got a good picture of what happened that day and found myself "glued" to the television.

What struck me the most, however, was the full footage of the "execution" of Mr. Floyd. I use the word execution because as a teenager I remember my Dad, who was a prosecutor for 20 plus years in the state of Virginia, tell me that I don't want to get in a altercation with a Policeman because they are the "judge on the scene.", and if your case goes to court it will be "your word against his.", and "the Judge will be more likely to take his word over yours."

That having been said, after watching George Floyd's death, which was the first time I had ever seen a man die on T.V. or any other means of witnessing, I came to the conclusion that the policemen had acted as the judges and convicted, scentenced, and executed Mr. Floyd right then and there.

It reminded me of Jesus' crusifiction by the way it was presented with witnesses, lawyers, and the like participating in some form or fashion in this whole drama. I choose the word risen not only because of the upcoming Easter holiday but because in a way the consciousness of George Floyd, all of those who witnessed it first hand, those who participated in killing him, and the event itself has been rebirthed in a sense by the trial since last spring when it happened and all of the events that occurred related or non afterwards.

As I told a friend, the memory of it still haunts me and leaves me with the question of what his death and trial means and how do we apply this to our everyday lives. Just as Jesus' crusifiction exposed the iniquity of man, the injustice of oppression, the struggle of Love and money, and revealed the hope for redemtion, I hope and believe that this trial will. Not just in being a race issue, which I also believe is not the main issue, but a human one; in which a man was put to death for being human.

Until next time, remember God loves you and so do I.



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