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Slave Catchers

Hello friends, Today I'd like to talk about the harsh realities of the world we occupy. I'd also like to discuss ways to improve it. In coming up with today's title, I thought about the way things are in the system today and how they could be different. For instance, the police, as we know have been getting heavy scrutinization today than ever before by my recollection. Most of this is due, but some is not.

In my upcoming sci-fi novel I bring up some of these issues, among some being, the relationship between African-Americans, the poor, women, immigrants and the police. With the sentencing of Derek Chauvin, and other trials concerning gross police misconduct, approaching, I wanted to make sure I was grounded in my perspective that there needs to be some major changing in the way the law is enforced in this country.

Most of this change needs to come from the top down as well as the bottom up. As I wrote in a previous blog several months ago, when I saw the Netflix documentary, "The 13th" It was a life changing experience for me. I made a note to make it clear, as I had not in an earlier blog, that the 13th amendment to the constitution allows for the legal forced servitude of U.S. citizens who have been convicted of any crime, not just felonies.

For this reason, and two others, I decided not to participate in the election of the president until three things had been accomplished: the abolishment of the Electoral College, the cessation of involuntary prison servitude, and the payment of reparations have been established. To me, it is easy to see how greed can easily negatively influence a law enforcement officer in the case of prison slavery and also the courts. With the profit motive being so great it is all too possible for a conviction to be gotten with the reward of financial "kickbacks" that almost assuredly have to be given by large corporations for the attainment of free labor.

Although sometimes beaten, the Electoral College is a remnant of outdated "Jim Crow" laws which were based around the idea that blacks were 3/5ths of a person. With the ending of traditional slavery, and the migration of blacks to the North and some whites to other areas of the country, the amendment allowing for the Electoral College gives rebirth to this idea by marginalizing the significance of the black vote by allowing for smaller states to get more voting prominence than they normally would get in a popular vote determined election.

Reparations, as I have blogged about before, simply would serve to "level the playing field" for African-Americans who haven't been justly compensated for the free labor given by their ancestors and relations.

The other day I thought about the 2000 election and how the Democrats could have ushered in a new era of humanity, and avoided many of the pitfalls we have experienced since, if the election hadn't been stolen and Al Gore hadn't have conceded. However, it was and he did and we are faced with an enormous task before us. IF THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE HAD BEEN ABOLISHED the election would have been determined by the popular vote and Gore would have won.

Until next time, remember God loves you and so do I.